Hey SCW fans. In just seven short..very short days you can attend the event that is going to be the hottest wrestling event in the area. End Game is named appropriately with it featuring such matches as the following:


The Viper Danny Marlo/Wes (OMG) Blaze VS. Johnny Blaze/Jimmy U R Sharp


Skull Michaels VS Zach Stephens

Spotlight Inc. will face members of The Movement in tag team action!!!

The SCW Championship will be on the line as 

SCW Champ The Toy Dodson takes on Savin Roberts!!


Also SCW will be premiring The World’s Greatest Talk Show

Hosted by none other than Johnny Viper

and several more great matches!

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Hope to see everyone there!


September 28 should continue the Star Championship Tournament, Johnny Viper sealed in his victory at the show on the 14th when he fought against Torque and James Lynn. The action was all over the place and to be honest, from the start of the bell, I really thought the hand of James Lynn would be raised. That is not to take anything away from Torque or Johnny Viper. All three of these competitors have amazing skills in the ring, but James Lynn seems to have a drive to take things that one extra step further.

But back to Johnny Viper. For quite some time Johnny has been after the Star Championship Title. As seen in the video below he had his eyes on the prize early into this year

Later his attention would again focus on Keith Dye and the disrespect he felt not just from him, but the locker room and the SCW fans as well. He felt that in winning his ladder match against Hollywood that he would garner the respect he desired as well as feeling in his win that he should be named number one contender for that Star Title.

Then he disappeared.

So like I mentioned earlier, He had his match for a place in the Tournament and won over Torque and James Lynn. Somehow I dont see this as being over between the three of them. All three of these guys have the desire to take it as far as they need to in their quests for greatness.

Then there is Joey Idol. For those of you that are unaware, Joey Idol was a member of Team SCW that would betray his team and side with The Movement on the 14th. Idol then posted a video that expressed his demand to be entered in the Star Tournament. But will SCW Management give him that shot following his actions? He certainly has the talent, but does he deserve it?

Normally I would say no. However his being entered into a tournament with others just as hungry for greatness might be what will humble him and turn him into a real champion. He could have been a hero..Shoulda Coulda Woulda..doesnt matter now. Whats done is done and while I am sure there will be repercussions for his actions, I must admit I am curious if he could stand with Johnny Viper or for that matter many of the others questing for that title.

All I can say is good luck to all the competitors. 

Bryan B. Bangin

The Voice of the SCW


Ladies and gentlemen, generally with “The Bangin Truth”, I interview someone that will be involved in the upcoming show. This week I am going to step away from that. I love my job. I talk about wrestling for a living. How could it get any better than that? Honestly, it doesn’t. I have made some great friends in this business, but there are problems that need to be addressed. So that is what this issue of The Bangin Truth concerns.

Do We Even Have Heroes Anymore?

Growing up when I watched this sport, the heroes always triumphed. They might not win the match every time but in the end they won the war. Its not that way anymore. Our heroes, the ones we cheer for week after week, cant win a match much less the war. They are the ones that week after week are receiving medical attention in the back or are silently slinking off into the night, while hanging their heads in defeat. So do we have heroes anymore? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Lets take a look at Heat Stoke. Johnny Blaze was defeated yet again by The Viper Danny Marlo. Diamond Derick Myers would lose the SCW Title again, this time to The Toy Dodson. Hollywood Keith Dye was put in his place by his father Rugged Richie Dye. Even Diamond Roberts who was trained by Savin would lose her match to The Real Tiff Dodson.

Its like this more often than not.

So is there a solution?

Our heroes have to have a reason to be our heroes. Something that makes them aspire to be that much better than everyone else. For the SCW that inspiration should be brought to the forefront by this sudden invasion of The Movement. Chip Hazard, Talon Williams, and D’Andre Jaxson have injected themselves into the SCW like some disease and our heroes are going to have to rise up to put a stop to them.

Can they do it? Well the chips are certainly stacked against them. At Heat Stroke Wes (OMG) Blaze had the opportunity to aspire to greatness. In the end he abandoned his team mates. Earlier this week, Deon Mercer was brutally beaten and taken away for what we can assume is more of the same. So it honestly doesn’t look good for Team SCW to have Deon in their corner. This leaves Savin and Joey Idol to get the job done for the SCW, unless they can find someone willing to tag up with them. Its going to be rough.

Can they aspire to be the heroes of The SCW? Can they aspire to be our heroes? Sometimes 100% isn’t enough and extra has to be given of themselves. Heroes rise up. They don’t lay down. So this would be a direct challenge to the SCW locker room. Please rise up this week and show yourselves to be the heroes we look up to. Put an end to this disease called “The Movement”.

Bryan B. Bangin

The Voice of The SCW

In the week leading up to SCW Friday on September 14th, things have been heating up and not in a good way. Earlier, SCW’s youtube was hacked by The Movement who would post a video of an utter beat down of Dazzling Deon Mercer, before taking of with the Team SCW member. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen that it was not a pretty site, and we at SCW are fearful for the safety of Deon.

Later this evening, D’Andre Jaxson would release a video in which he makes his intentions very clear. Early in the video he states “Little Deon Mercer had a little accident.” The little accident he was referring to was the calculated rear attack of Deon Mercer. A merciless brutal beat down in fact.

Later her would say “I dont feel sorry for anything I do. The pain that I inflicted upon him (Deon Mercer) is nothing compared to what I am going to do this Friday at SCW.” Anyone listening at that point in the video would hear cries of pain or misery in the background.

He would also state “No more being the fan favorite..From now on I’m going to be my favorite.

He would conclude his video with “All I got say..SCW, Savin, Joey Idol, whoever they find to tag with them this Friday…boys man up The Movement’s coming.

What can we expect Friday Night? Can Team SCW find another member willing to face The Movement? Bad things seem to happen to those that cross The Movement, So it seems likely that it will indeed be a handicap match and it seems things are continuing to look bleak for Team SCW as well as for the SCW Roster.

September 14th Show Poster

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